Also known as Ava is an ancient city near Mandalay. Innwa is located 20 kilometers southwest of Mandalay across the Myitnge River and was the capital of the Myanmar kingdom for nearly 400 years. It’s known for religious structures left over from several reigns as the nation’s capital, from the 14th to the 19th centuries. All the major buildings that were not destroyed during the earthquake of 1838 were transferred first to Amarapura and then to Mandalay when the capital moved.

Only the 27-meter-high (90 feet) masonry Nan Myint watchtower, also known as the “leaning tower of Ava” remains of the palace built by King Bagyidaw. The Bargaya teak monastery, famous for its 267 wooden pillars, can also still be seen. Innwa is a famous popular day-trip tourist destination from Mandalay.


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